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If you don’t go with Rhoades Brothers you’re making a mistake. You don’t have to go through all the hassles. There’s not all the paperwork and all the political razzmatazz.

-Dr. Richard Benes, Berwyn, Il

When the people moved out of the house, they left it looking worse than anything I had ever experienced. It was a nice bungalow and they just demolished it. If that house had turned into rat trap, the value of every house on the block would have dropped. I think he saved our neighborhood

-Rev. Diane Johnson, Cicero, Il

Real estate agents do not compare with what the Rhoades Brothers did for me. I saved a lot of money versus paying a commission. They gave me fair market value. I would consider them again.

-Richard Prouza, Stickney, Il

I recommended them to someone else already. An agent wanted us to make all kinds of repairs. We did not have to fix anything up. They did everything for us and we still came out ahead on the deal. The transaction was just unbelievable! We didn’t have to do a thing!

-Cindy Glazier, Summit, Il

These are nice guys. I thank God they were honest. It is a rare thing when people find money and tell you about it.

-Marshall Splady, Berwyn, Il

Bruce is a generous person with his time, and whenever we wanted to ask him for help, he would be there. That is one of the benefits of working with him

-Susan Scudero, Berwyn, Il